Washington Redskins Justify Keeping Name in 2019 by Drafting a Native American in the First Round

The NFL’s Washington Redskins used their first round draft pick to select a yet-to-be identified Native American player. Coach Jay Gruden made the announcement at Schermernerhorned Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

“In the 1st round of the NFL draft, for the 15th pick, the Washington Redskins select… any Native American!” Gruden grinned. “That’s right. Any. Just send anyone, preferably someone athletic or okay with doing commercials.”

Not willing to use another pick, a second Native American was not selected; prompting the organization to modify the long-debated team name.

“In the interest of honesty, we will drop the ‘S’ from the end of our name,” General Manager Bruce Allen stated. “The Washington Redskin, will be an accurate and politically correct name. That’s a big win, win.”

Sports commentator and former NFL star Troy Aikman spoke out against the pick on his radio show.

“Why didn’t the Redskin just use their last pick if they wanted to pull a PR stunt?” Aikman stated. “Or, the Redskin could have just signed a free agent later. None of this makes sense and I don’t think it’s concussion-related. These racist [expletive] morons hurt my head.”

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Photo credit Keith Allison

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