Uber’s New Submarine Service ‘ScUber’ Will Let Riders Drop Trash Directly on The Great Barrier Reef

Uber has announced its new submarine service in Queensland, Australia that will take riders to see the dying Great Barrier Reef. Called ‘ScUber’ the new line of transportation will allow customers to take turns releasing a stream of trash while interacting with marine life.

“We play a game with the sea turtles where if you can toss a plastic soda ring right around their necks or ram a straw up their nose you win $100 in Uber ride credits,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi grinned. “It’s a great way to see your impact on the environment while still being able to give zero fucks.”

With more than half of the Great Barrier Reef already dead from climate change, Jim Davies of the Great Barrier Reef Institute had previously predicted that the entire reef would be destroyed by 2025.

“With the addition of ScUber that timeframe has accelerated; meaning those wishing to ride it have less than 1,000 days before there’s nothing left to see besides piles of trash,” Davies stated. “ScUber will be out of business in a year tops.”

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Photo by NOAA

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