Apple Releases iPhone Rotary with Real Crank-Dialing and Switchboard Operators

Swept up by the concepts of throwbacks and nostalgia, Apple released both an iPod Touch and a iPhone Rotary today.

“Whether you’re selling outdated, redundant shit from 5 years ago or century-old technology, Apple fans will buy it because they are, without a doubt, the biggest consumer whores on the planet,” CEO Tim Cook stated.

Besides the tabletop iPhone Rotary, Apple says they’ll be releasing a Rotary Deluxe model that is a full-sized, wall mounted rotary phone similar those found in a phone booth.

“Full disclosure, the analogue-to-digital converter needed to make or take calls will be sold separately for $75,” Cook grinned, “and admittedly, the switchboard operators’ sole purpose is to pull marketing data from your calls, but it’s the aesthetics that matter to our customers; I mean, who isn’t trading privacy for convenience these days?”

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