Donald Trump Admits He’s Bisexual at Wisconsin Rally

(Janesville, WI) Donald Trump is known for saying shocking things at his rallies, but today in Wisconsin he wowed the crowd with a stunning admission. Donald Trump is bisexual. Let that sink in.

During his speech a protester was heckled by Trump supporters as he was being removed. Some in the crowd were shouting homophobic slurs at the protestor when Trump spoke out against it.

“Look. Hey everyone calm down. Who cares if he is or isn’t gay. I’m bisexual, who cares. Let’s accept everyone. Now, get him out of here!”

The President then showed his support for the LGBT community.

“Look. I love the gays. All of those queers. They’re great. I’m great. We really are. We really are,” stated Trump. “You know, we give the straight people wonderful fashion. Just wonderful fashion. I mean, look at me. I look great, don’t I? It’s just great.”

Trump went on to say that he also does drag from time to time. Artists have rendered what they believe this might look like below. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.47.09 PM

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