Texans Leave Hundreds Of Unwanted Babies On Governor Abbott’s Front Porch

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently signed a bill into law that prevents abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy – much sooner than most women even know that they are pregnant. That law went into effect today.

Under the law, any women caught having an abortion after six weeks will be jailed and fined, while those who report the now-illegal abortions will be awarded $10,000.

In response, Texas women are simply leaving their unwanted babies on the front porch of Governor Abbott’s mansion.

“This is going to prove – once again – that Republicans could give two shits about these children after they are born,” Texas Senate Minority Leader José R. Rodríguez stated.

Within hours, hundreds of infants were left in front of Abbott’s house.

“What am I supposed to do with all of these babies!?” Abbott shouted. “I don’t want them, I can’t afford to take care of them and some of them are incredibly ill. This is literally ruining my life!”

Abbott’s wife Cecilia says she refuses to help raise the infants and has filed paperwork for a divorce.

“My wife has left me on my own here,” Abbott stated. “There’s no way I can make it as a single father.”

Additionally, dozens of women who died in labor have also been left on the governor’s property after they signed legal paperwork allowing for hospitals to dump their bodies on Abbott’s front lawn as a final act of defiance.

As of press time Abbott was frantically backtracking; yelling at fellow Republicans to repeal the law.

“We know it will be hard for Republicans to have to abort the brand new law right here on the Senate floor, but Democrats are truly supportive of the decision,” Rodríguez stated. “At least they’ve finally admitted to themselves that this was an unwanted law which would have been much easier to nurture in the 1950s. Getting rid of the law before it becomes an impossible burden for Governor Abbott was their only logical option.”

Original photo credit Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0.

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