Joe Rogan Takes Ivermectin, Records First Podcast Where He Spews Bullshit Out Of Both Ends

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan told fans Wednesday that he has tested positive for COVID. Rogan made the announcement in an online video after he came home from doing shows in Florida; a state overrun by the virus.

Rogan confirmed in his statement that he had taken several drugs to fight the virus, including the livestock dewormer Ivermectin which the CDC directs the population not to take.

Shortly thereafter, despite still feeling a bit sick, Rogan went ahead and recorded a live podcast in which he completely lost control of his bowels for close to seven minutes. Rogan tried to cover up the sound of him shitting his pants by coughing a lot, but the farts were still quite audible.

Experts believe that Rogan made a dookie castle in his pants because of the Ivermectin. Critics of the show are noting that this was the first time Joe Rogan has ever spewed bullshit out of both ends at the same time.

Photo credit Do512

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