Study: Nation's Wealthy 'Very Close' To Liking America Enough To Pay Taxes

Study: Wealthiest Americans ‘Extremely Close’ To Liking Country Enough To Pay Taxes

A study released by Harvard University today revealed that of the top 100 wealthiest Americans, nearly 90% claimed that they were either “close” or “very close” to liking the United States enough to start paying taxes.

“As our wealth swells, so does our pride in this great country,” Jeff Bezos stated. “So much in fact that the majority of us are getting close to liking the US enough to start paying taxes. I truly believe that once I become a trillionaire I will be prepared to contribute a couple million dollars a year.”

When reached for comment, many of the richest Americans expressed similar sentiments, including Elon Musk.

“I think a trillion dollars – or possible a little more – would help me to live comfortably,” Musk grinned. “But I think to be safe, I’ll start paying taxes once I’m a quadrillionaire.”

Photo credit Steve Johnson

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