New Alabama Law Sentences Teachers Who Talk About Slavery To Involuntary Servitude

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a bill into law today that will place any public school teachers who teach students about slavery into involuntary servitude programs.

“There is not place for discussing slavery in Alabama schools. The past is in the past,” Ivey stated. “And we refuse to dig up this past just to make white kids feel bad about what some distant, distant ancestor may or may not have done. They might get away with teaching critical race theory one time, but history will not repeat itself. It never does.”

Ivey says the new involuntary servitude law – which will place teachers in work camps for an entire year – is called the Statute Legalizing Aggressive and Vital Educator Re-education for a Year, or the S.L.A.V.E.R.Y. act.

“The law is more than reasonable. Just don’t do it,” Ivey grinned. “Because the teachers who violate our law will find themselves working as part of a chain gang.”

Ivey says that later, once “rehabilitated,” offending teachers will be placed into “separate, but very much so equal school systems” so that they can be monitored more closely.

Photo credit Patrick Denker

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