San Francisco Legalizes Post-Birth Abortions Due To Baby Formula Shortage

Shortages of baby formula are impacting parents across the country. Due to these conditions, San Francisco is now allowing parents to abort their kids after they have already been born.

“This move comes in anticipation of babies dying of starvation,” San Francisco Mayor London Breed confirmed. “So due to the baby formula shortage, fourth trimester abortions are now legal in San Francisco. No questions asked.”

Joe Biden also gave a brief comment.

“To the governors of Texas, Florida, and those other states, I am telling you right now, banning abortions will turn the current baby formula shortage into a total catastrophe because there will be even more babies.” Biden stated. “Know your Bible! It’s Psalm 137:9! Sometimes you gotta kill a few babies to save a whole lot more babies.”

Photo credit Chris Waits

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