Fox News Forces Caitlyn Jenner To Use A Bathroom At The Pizzeria Across The Street

Caitlyn Jenner found out today that she is not allowed to use the men’s or women’s restrooms at Fox News. Instead, Jenner was told by executives at her new place of work to leave the building and go use the bathroom at the pizzeria across the street.

“We like the idea of having Caitlyn here, we just don’t like having Caitlyn stay here long enough that she has to go to the bathroom,” one Fox News representative stated. “Honestly, we didn’t think this through when we hired her, but in our defense she seemed like more of a prop than a person.”

Jenner, who claims she’ll be a voice for transgender rights on Fox News, says that she understands the situation.

“I totally get it. I don’t want to make my coworkers uncomfortable, so I’m going to continue to use a separate, but equally good restroom at Radio City Pizza,” Jenner stated. “And that’s how it should be: separate, but equal.”

Photo of Caitlyn Jenner by Web Summit

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