Heavily-Armed State Of Religious Zealots Encourages Citizens To Turn In Neighbors For Abortions

Heavily-Armed State Of Religious Extremists Commands Citizens To Spy & Turn In Neighbors For Abortions

A heavily-armed state full of religious zealots known as “Texas” has passed a new abortion law that would pay $10,000 to anyone who reports their fellow citizens for having an abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy.

The new law, which is called the “Stop Having Any Rights Involving Abortions” – or the S.H.A.R.I.A law – has the nearby state of New Mexico worried that Texans may try to spread their radical way of life across their borders.

“These people are a threat to our beliefs and culture,” New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham stated. “We don’t want them crossing our border, refusing to integrate, changing our laws and threatening everything we hold dear.”

Notably, besides fines and imprisonment, Texas’ leaders are considering adding even harsher, more archaic punishments for abortions such as hanging and stoning.

“Because every single life is precious, we should not hesitate to terminate women who break this law,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott confirmed.

Orig. photo by David Herrera

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