Fast food restaurants back to being fully staffed after only fans bans sexual content

Fast Food Restaurants Back To Being Fully-Staffed After Only Fans Bans Sexual Content

Fast food restaurants are fully-staffed once again after popular porn site Only Fans announced today that it will no longer be allowing sexual content on their platform. Here’s what people are saying:

“For an extra $5 our employees will stick their feet out the drive-thru window.” – Claudia Montgomery, 47, McDonald’s Manager
Restaurants had better put ‘Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work’ signs on their front doors.” – Ray Carrone, 43, K-Y Jelly Slip ‘N Slide enthusiast
“I bet they’ll be put in charge of tossing the salads.” – Carrol Chanders, 50, history teacher
“So, you’re saying that I CAN get some fries with that shake!?” – Jacob Winston, 35, stay-at-home son

McDonald’s photo credit Paul Sableman

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