Donald Trump Wins First Republican Debate by a Landslide

Donald Trump Wins First Republican Debate by a Landslide

Many are still unsure how it happened, but it certainly appears that Presidential hopeful Donald Trump outperformed the rest of the potential candidates on Thursday night’s FOX News sponsored Republican debate. Indeed, the real estate mogul and billionaire managed to shake the political establishment without doing much of anything.

Throughout the debate, Trump pointed out how politicians in the United States are bought and paid for by people such as himself. He also admitted to having donated to many candidates that shared the stage – and others – including his potential future opponent Hillary Clinton in order to “get her to come to his wedding.”

Trump didn’t often speak out-of-turn, rather he let other candidates speak their minds. Without a doubt, other Republican candidates weren’t without their high points that would please the right-wing base. There were many highlights, we couldn’t include them all, but we did manage to provide you with some. Without further ado:

+ Marco Rubio stating that both rape and incest do not warrant the allowance of abortions.

+  Moderator Bret Baier clearly being the aged face of Mad Magazine.

+ Rand Paul stating that “If someone has opinions that are religiously felt, then no one should interfere with them.”

Screen shot 2015-08-06 at 10.35.22 PM+Neurosurgeon Ben Carson stating that he would replace taxes with tithing (everyone pays 10% of their income, no matter what) for God.

+ Mike Huckabee promising to stop “pimps and drug dealers” from getting Social Security.

At the end of the debate, Trump admitted that he was just doing this to ensure that the Democrats win again.

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Donald Trump Wins First Republican Debate by a Landslide

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