Insurrectionist Who’s Mad US Military Will Defend Country From Him Is Demanding Access To F-15’s, Nukes

President Joe Biden delivered a speech today in which he stated that if more insurrectionists wanted to try to take down the government that they would need weapons such as F-15’s and nukes to even have a chance against the US military.

QAnon believer and January 6th insurrection supporter Derek Hampton says his key takeaways from this information is that “Joe Biden intends to use nukes on US soil and we must defend ourselves from him.” Despite being wrong, the conspiracy theorist and many other Republicans are now demanding that US citizens gain access to both F-15’s and nuclear weapons.

“The constitution says we have the right to keep and bear arms,” Hampton stated. “That means that the government cannot limit the amount of plutonium or fighter jets that we can own!”

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