Ben Carson Lays Out Detailed Terror Plot to Help ISIS

During the latest Republican Presidential Debate, Dr. Ben Carson took the time to lay out a shockingly specific plan for how ISIS could severely cripple the United States. Carson, who went 3 minutes past his allotted time, seemed to not notice exactly what he was doing.

The three and a half minute rant began after moderator Maria Bartiromo had to shout Ben Carson’s name several times into her microphone to wake the candidate up. Carson then thanked her for doing so and claimed that this had been agreed upon beforehand as he would only be receiving 2, or maybe 3 questions during the 1.5 hour debate. Bartiromo then delivered her question to Carson:

“The President says he does not want to treat ISIS as a foreign army, but ISIS is neither a country, nor a government. How do you attack a network that does not respect national borders?”

Carson then began his reply – which was related to the topic of terror – but lacked any sort of answer that would help his candidacy or the United States, whatsoever:

“Well first, if I were the leader of ISIS, I would coordinate simultaneous attacks on three fronts,” Carson stated while holding up 9 fingers. “They should attack our country with a nuclear weapon first. By detonating a nuclear weapon in the exo-atmosphere there would be an electromagnetic pulse that would take out the entire electrical grid. This would start the chaos,” Carson grinned.

“Then, just moments after this, I would set off dirty bombs in several major metropolitan cities,” Carson laughed maniacally, yet softly. “For those of you in ISIS who aren’t familiar, if you are able to set off a nuclear weapon in the exo-atmosphere, with all of that technology that you clearly have, you already have access to radioactive materials to mix with your conventional explosives. These weapons will contaminate a large area and have effects similar to that of the Chernobyl disaster.”

At this point Carson was already 2 minutes past the 25-second time limit and Bartiromo was repeatedly slamming her hand down on the button that creates the double-dinging noise. Carson continued anyway in his zombie-like state.

“Finally, I would carry out a cyber attack on the entire U.S. computer system. Essentially making it impossible to post Facebook statuses,” giggled Carson while continuing to hold up 9 fingers. He then concluded his answer by stating, “So that’s why you should elect me to be the next President of the United States.”

Carson then immediately turned sideways, cocked his head toward the camera, and fell back asleep.

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