Uber Eats Now Offers Pre-Chewed Meals

In a world where you can have almost anything delivered to you with a few taps on a smartphone, Uber Eats food delivery service is upping-the-ante with the option to order pre-chewed meals.

With 3 tiers of chewing intensity, customers can choose from: Careful Crunch, Medium Munch, or Gnarly Gnaw. Those who select the Careful Crunch option will be given food that has a few small, random bites in it and several visible teeth marks. If you opt for the Medium Munch your food will arrive in very moist, spongy, penny-sized chunks. Finally, if you go for the Gnarly Gnaw, Uber Eats boasts that your food will arrive as an ‘unrecognizable puree of partially digested food’ which is ‘regurgitated by your delivery driver back into the to-go containers’.

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