Republicans Tricked Into Supporting Gun Control After Democrats Start Calling Mass Shootings ‘Post-Birth Abortions’

After offering no real solutions for mass shootings in America for decades, Republicans have now been tricked into supporting gun control laws after Democrats began calling mass shootings “post-birth abortions” yesterday.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gave a brief comment.

“Besides calling mass shootings ‘post-birth abortions,’ we are now also telling our Republican colleagues that most of the shooting victims are typically pregnant themselves,” Pelosi stated. “That seemed to really get their attention.”

Senator Ted Cruz also spoke about how his mind has dramatically changed.

“My God! I was praising Jesus that only some Blacks and a bunch of children were harmed in the latest string of shootings,” an emotional Cruz stated while wiping a tear from his eye. “If I had known that all of these incidents were actually post-birth abortions that were taking place, well I would have done something sooner.”

Photo credit Fibonacci Blue

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