Olympic Figure Skater Disowned After Coming Out as Straight

Olympic figure skater Max Dowell has faced a harsh push back after coming out to his family and teammates as heterosexual. The athlete, who many said was a solid prospect to win the gold, has lost all of his confidence and pride.

“My teammates won’t talk to me anymore now that they know I’m straight. Worst of all, my parents won’t return my phone calls,” sobbed Dowell. “They flew back home from the games to Albuquerque, New Mexico as soon as they heard the news.”

Max’s father, Jim Dowell, claims that he will never speak to his straight son again.

“I’ve lost my only son. We didn’t raise him to be like this,” stated the skater’s alienated father. “That breeder is dead to me.”

Even with mothers often being known for their compassionate and accepting attitudes, Dowell’s mom, Katherine, says she will have nothing to do with her son Max.

“He blindsided us. I simply do not know where he got the notion that being a straight figure skater was morally acceptable. We didn’t raise him to act like this,” said Max’s estranged mother.

“For him to just decide to live this lifestyle, you know, and to throw it in our face every time he dances his sequined heart out on that ice. It’s just disgusting,” said Katherine Dowell while wiping a tear from her eye. “I’ve been meaning to focus more on our lesbian daughter who is on the Olympic shot put team. I’m going to do just that,”

The International Olympic Committee has already scheduled an emergency meeting for Friday in which they will determine if the young figure skater has broken any of the Olympic rules.

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