NFL Pushes For Vaccinations: ‘We’d Prefer Our Players Die From Head Trauma In Retirement’

The NFL released guidelines today informing teams that COVID-19 outbreaks among unvaccinated players could lead to forfeited games in the upcoming football season. Some people are saying that the move is basically a mandate for players to get vaccinated. The NFL is pushing back.

“This is about health. Well that, plus how can we make money off of them if they’re incredibly sick, permanently disabled or dead?” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell asked. “The answer is we can’t! So let’s be as healthy as possible and get the vaccine.”

Goodell continued.

“There’s also the fact that the more vaccinated the public is, the less COVID will spread and kill people,” Goodell stated. “But essentially all we want to say here is that we’d prefer that our players die from the impact of repeated, severe head trauma while in retirement. You know, when they’re no longer of use to us.”

Notably, recent polling shows that NFL players with multiple concussions are more likely to decline the COVID vaccine.

Photo credit Marianne O’Leary

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