welders favorite pastime is telling people to get a job in the trades

Man Who Works In The Trades Favorite Pastime Is Telling Everyone To Get A Job In The Trades

MILWAUKEE, WI – Local man and proud welder Joseph Stallsworth says that his favorite pastime is telling anyone who will listen to go out and get a job in the trades.

“It doesn’t matter if we are complete strangers or if I’ve known you my whole life, if you give me a chance to talk I’m gonna talk about how great the trades are,” Stallsworth stated. “You know, if at any point I needed a second job I’d get another one in the trades, but working in the trades is phenomenal, so I only need the one job. In the trades, that is.”

Stallsworth says that working in the trades is what makes him a complete man.

“I’m a welder first and a man second. Wait no. Well being a welder makes me even more of a man, so I guess you could say that working in the trades makes me some sort of a super man,” Stallsworth grinned. “When I’m not pulling overtime – and man… you wouldn’t believe how much they pay me on overtime – I’m busy telling my wife and kids to go get a job in the trades, even though my wife is a teacher and my kids, Welder and Torch, are only 4 and 7 years old.”

Stallsworth says if you don’t want to be a welder, you can always become a plumber, electrician or machinist.

“There’s always jobs available. Trade school is cheaper and shorter. I get paid really well. We can’t be outsourced. And it feels really good to stroke myself off in front of everybody about all of this.”

As of press time the 37-year-old Stallsworth had just burned himself again while he was thinking about how much his body hurts all the time.

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