New Andriod Phone to Have Screen on Entire Surface

New Samsung Phone Screen Will Cover Entire Surface, and More

Forget the mini, scrolling side screen on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Soon you’ll be able to see your phone’s screen at all times, no matter which way you set it down.

Samsung has announced that their next phone release will include a screen on all 6 sides that works based on your location and proximity to it. Essentially, the screen will intuitively “follow” the assigned user who will have a locator chip implanted in their neck.

But the phone doesn’t stop there. Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee had more to add.

“If you get far enough away the phone, it can project a hologram of what your screen and notifications say. If you put your phone in your pocket, the accompanying glasses that users wear will then also provide them with notifications on the edges,” stated Kun-hee.

Samsung says that the hologram function could actually work to replace televisions, as you can adjust the screen to be up to the size of a 50″ flat screen TV.  It also has a smart watch pairing, which is becoming commonplace today, but the add-on options go one step further.

Kun-hee added that the phone will “have a ring option with a screen that scrolls like a message ticker on the user’s ring finger – because, let’s face it, everyone is essentially married to their phone. Why not make it official!?”

Although there is no set release date, Kun-hee said that the phone, which is temporarily named the “Galaxy Aware,” should hit the shelves by early 2016. The estimated cost of the phone is a real social life.

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New Samsung Phone to Have Screen on Entire Surface
Lee Kun-hee

(Photo by Republic of Korea, No Endorsement Implied)

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