Tom Brady Announces Retirement

Tom Brady Announces Retirement

Tom Brady Announces Retirement

In a surprising move, Tom Brady – the starting quarterback of the New England Patriots – has announced his retirement after being suspended for 4 games. The suspension move by the NFL was due to Brady’s involvement in the scandal that is now popularly being referred to as “deflategate.”

In a press release issued by his agent, Donald Yee Jr., Brady revealed that he was “very hurt” by the NFL’s decision to ban him for 4 games. Further, the release stated that he “couldn’t stand to see his team slighted like this” – referring to the lost draft picks and $1 million fine.

Brady finished his tear-stained release by stating that he would further his career in different venues where he could have “all different kinds of balls in his hands,” and “take advantage of a career where (he) can show (his) beautiful face and body. No helmets or uniforms… unless the role calls for that.”

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One thought on “Tom Brady Announces Retirement

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with Tom and his family. Good Luck, Tom,
    you are the best quarterback for the #1 football team.
    NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. I am sooooo sad to see him go.

    The NFL is so unfair. We all love you and wish you the best in what your
    venture you achieve.

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