Melania Trump Had Secret Meeting With Divorce Lawyers Regarding Russian Adoptions

Swirling rumors of Melania Trump seeking a divorce have been put to rest after she released a series of emails between her and a law firm the specializes in family law and divorce.

As it turns out, Melania and Donald are interested in adopting a Russian child and the divorce lawyers were guiding Melania through the legal documents.

Here is a transcript of their most recent email correspondence that was released to the public eye:

Dear [Name Redacted],

I’m writing to follow up on our last meeting regarding the Russian child. Are you still confident that I will be able to get at least half of the Russian child? I need you to be absolutely sure that I will get enough Russian child to maintain the standard of living I have had for the past 13 years. If it’s like what you said I’d love to do it, especially later in the summer.

– Melania

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