Lindsey Graham ‘Moans Like Mickey Mouse’ Several Gay Escorts Confirm

Multiple gay male escorts from Washington D.C. and around the country have come forward claiming to have had sexual encounters with Senator Lindsey Graham. Remarkably, the one thing that corroborates all of their stories is that Graham has an unmistakeable, signature moan.

“Lindsey Graham is a surprisingly strong, incredibly physical power top who makes a high-pitched Mickey Mouse ‘Ha ha!’ sound during sex,” one escort stated. “It’s insane. There’s really no other way to describe it.”

Yet another commonality verifying the escorts’ reports is that everyone who came forward stated that Graham’s noises would only get higher and higher the closer he came to orgasm.

“It was hilarious. And he got really mad when I laughed about it, but I couldn’t stop,” one escort confirmed. “So Lindsey’s shrieking – hitting the highest note a human can hit, going ‘Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! – and I’m laughing so hard I’m crying and snorting. Lindsey Graham was, hands down, easily the weirdest sex I have ever had.”

Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

21 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham ‘Moans Like Mickey Mouse’ Several Gay Escorts Confirm

  1. Probably not true. It doesn’t matter, L.G. is definitely in the closet. I wonder about the ethics of destroying a monster with lies. I would like to see Graham disintegrate, but he’ll probably just end up a popular Fox News commentator like that other repressed jerkoff Trey Gowdy.

  2. Bet his manGina has been really busy with Senate pages.

    1. Can only imagine him as being on the receiving end.
      His petticoats up, “I do declareereeee!”.

  3. Lets see what the Evangelicals have to say about Lindsey

  4. Hilarious; but I thought prostitution was illegal except in Nevada?

    1. I live in Nevada. Prostitution is actually legal here only in certain rural counties that have ordinances for brothels. It would be illegal for him to hire escorts anywhere but in those brothels. I sincerely doubt there are many if any male escorts working there… so he must be breaking the law! What a surprise! 🤣

      1. I would point out that it isn’t illegal to hire an escort, because there’s a distinction between that and prostitution. It’s a weird grey area in which the escort can decide to have sex with the client independently of the payment, which may or may not increase after the act, but since money doesn’t change hands specifically to purchase sexual activity, it isn’t considered prostitution in the legal sense.

        It is, in every sense not blinkered by the strictness of legal definitions, absolutely prostitution.

  5. Black lives matter Lindsey Graham. Your sheet has been pulled off. The lights is on you and your regime is topple. Thanks guys for turn the light on as Matthew 23:24 Say blind guides , strain at a gnat, And swallow a whole camel.

  6. no believing that he is a top , a power top no less, hysterical slash.

  7. The fact that he’s gay is really not important. The fact that he’s a two faced dotard cock holster Is far more important . His time is up ….

      1. Not… this is her time, she shines👍

  8. There is not enough money In the world that would get me to look at that fugly mutt

    1. He’s a top!
      You could turn your back on him.

  9. Gives me impure thoughts about Goofy.

    1. Face down, ass up, that’s the way I love to HYUCK!

  10. Miss Lindsey is going down – in more ways than one

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