Mayor Renames Road Leading to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago ‘Racist’s Way’

A section of South Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach, Florida – the road that lead’s to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago – was renamed ‘Racist’s Way’ today by local Mayor Gail Coniglio. Coniglio says the renaming serves as both a rebuke of the president and an appropriate welcome; letting Trump’s guests know that they are indeed headed toward his Florida home.

Notably the change, which also gave Trump’s home a new street number, happened on the same day that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser renamed part of 16th Street near the White House ‘Black Lives Matter Plaza’. As of press time the president had yet to comment on how he felt about receiving mail at his new address of 666 Racist’s Way.

16 thoughts on “Mayor Renames Road Leading to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago ‘Racist’s Way’

    1. Wonderful, perfect, apropos, this made my day thank you thank you thank you.

  1. Perfect.. how about Pedophiles Way?

    1. He’s not a democrat? He was the only politician (now) that actually cut Epstein off when he was caught way back and was banned from this exact location. Funny how much people want fake news on their life. Over the success and prosperity of their own nation, AND the world! Sickening!

  2. True or not, it shows what we feel – well, most of us.

  3. None of the major news companies are showing this. I think it is fafe news.

    1. Satire perhaps but either way why should europe be the only ones laughing at trump?

  4. If this is true, I would like to see some verification. Also, tRump will take someone to court over this.

    1. Get your head out of your ass Paul Lobotomy

    2. What can he do? He doesn’t own the streets and it does not say anything about him directly that he’s a racist.. He can’t do a thing. Lol… Sucks to be you supporting a racist rapist.

    3. He’ll lose… He doesn’t own the roads and that didn’t show an accusation directly.

    4. I wish this were true however getting a street renamed takes a lot political hurdles.

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