Joe Biden Says Trump's Wig Has 'Overwhelming Scent Of Cocaine and Hairspray'

Joe Biden: “Trump’s Wig Has an Overwhelming Odor Of Cocaine and Hairspray”

At a campaign rally in Atlanta, Georgia, Joe Biden told the crowd a story about the time he took a big whiff of President Trump’s toupee.

“We were in a loud, crowded room and Donald leaned in to hear me speak – offering the perfect opportunity to sample his musk,” former Vice President Biden smiled. “So I got my scalp sniffer up close to his wig and snorted in his scent.”

A self-proclaimed nasal sommelier, Biden says he’s certain he picked up the “sweet, floral tones of South Colombian cocaine” and the “chemical aura of John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray for Fine Wigs.”

Soon after President Trump tweeted a response.

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Photo by Digital Campaign Manager Doug Jones for Senate

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