financial crisis just what man needed to forget about emptiness and boredom

Financial Crisis Exactly What Man Needed To Forget About Crushing Emptiness & Boredom

35-year-old James Dewatt of Peoria, Illinois finally forgot about the emptiness and boredom that he’s been feeling for months on end today when he was fired from his job. Dewatt says losing his job immediately changed his state of mind.

“I was in a rut. Everything seemed boring, dull, unfulfilling and unchanging,” Dewatt stated. “But now, Instead of feeling that emptiness and boredom, I am overtaken by a deep sense of dread and fear because I am broke. It’s really a nice change of pace.”

Dewatt says that job hunting has now taken over his life and that he has about a month before he will be homeless.

“You know they say that when you’re bored you need to break out of your routines and create new experiences for yourself,” Dewatt stated. “Being on the streets will certainly be anything but boring.”

As of press time, Dewatt, who had just started running a somewhat successful Only Fans account, said he was now “feeling a little less scared, but a lot more used and dirty.”

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