Donda 2 Will Be In New File Format ‘.KIM’ That Can Only Be Read By Kanye’s Stem Device

Kanye West revealed today that his upcoming album Donda 2 will be released in an all-new file format that Ye says he himself invented.

“It’s called ‘.K-I-M’ and you spell it out when you say it,” Kanye stated. “Don’t call it ‘Kim’ because my friends say that would be weird.”

Kanye paused while staring at the ground.

“The only player that can get away with playing Kim is me!” a suddenly emotional Kanye shouted. “Everyone can’t just have Kim! You need Kanye if you want to play with Kim!”

Kanye was then pulled away from the microphone by Julia Fox and taken out of the room and away from the press.

Notably, Donda 2 can only be listened to on Ye’s newer Stem devices that are being released simultaneously when the album drops. When old Stem devices try to play Donda 2, the player is programmed with the voice of Kanye yelling “fuck you Skete!” over and over again.

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