NRA Billboards Encourage Mass Shooters to Become Event Planners Instead

The NRA is utilizing “balloon art guns” and the hashtag #LiterallyDead as part of their marketing.

Chef Starts Cannibalism Diet Trend Across United States


Garten has been raising her own humans for consumption in a coop next to her garden.

Sexual Predator Could be 2nd Alien on Supreme Court


“The investigation is not meant to be a space expedition. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Space Force yet.” – Kellyanne Conway

White Americans Will Be Allowed ‘JUST ONE’ 911 Call Per Year


“It really comes down to time and resources.”

Trump Thinks He Nominated Glenn Sturgis from ‘Superstore’ to Supreme Court


Trump intended to nominate Mark McKinney who plays the role of Glenn Sturgis in NBC’s ‘Superstore’.

Starbucks is Opening Separate Restrooms for Black Customers


“Overall, we just want to make everyone feel more welcome and safe at Starbucks.”

Obama: “I Don’t Know Why Donald Paid All of These Women – I Had Mine Killed.”


Obama suggests Trump could have avoided many scandals with one trick.

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