BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Has Classified Docs, Proof He Was Behind Jan 6th, Hidden Tax Records & Evidence Of Election Tampering

Correction!!! We apologize for inaccurately reporting on this story. The mistakes have since been redacted. Here’s an update:

The aforementioned stolen classified documents, proof of orchestrating January 6th, hidden tax returns, and 2020 election tampering are all scandals directly related to former president Donald Trump – not Hunter Biden or his laptop.

If you went ahead and shared this post without even reading it – or trying to fact check it – then please consider the distinct possibility that you could very well be wrong about everything you believe in. Confirmation bias is a great explanation for why people search for evidence that is one-sided in order to support their personal, unfounded conspiracy theories.

Again, we are sorry for our huge reporting error and we sincerely apologize if you were foolish enough to believe a headline from a website called “You Ready Grandma.”

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