Ukraine Trolls Putin’s Army By Airdropping Thousands Of White Flags & Directions For How To Surrender On Top Of Their Heads

Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky had thousands of white flags and directions on how to surrender airdropped on top of Russian troops today. Some people are calling the move psychological warfare, while others say it was simply a joke to raise morale by the former comedian turned world leader. Either way, it’s starting to work.

According to a Ukrainian spokesperson the directions that were airdropped with the flags read:

How to Surrender

Step 1: Grab flag.
Step 2: Hold flag above your head.
Step 3: Wave flag vigorously while yelling “Putin is a little bitch!”

As of press time at least 75 Russian soldiers had surrendered by shouting the words while waving the provided flags.

Photo credit Hunini

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