tesla driver hit by starlink satellite already dead from nueralink implant and car exploding

Tesla Driver Hit By Falling Starlink Satellite Was Already Dead From Faulty Neuralink Implant & Car Exploding, Authorities Say

Authorities have determined that the Starlink satellite that fell directly onto a Tesla in Riverside, California last week was not the actual cause of death for the driver.

“After investigation it is clear that the sole passenger was already dead and the vehicle was already scorched before being crushed by the 570 pound, $500,000 satellite,” FBI representative Martin Schwartz stated. “What we have yet to determine is if this poor person died immediately when their Neuralink brain implant failed, or if they were still conscious when the car exploded just before the satellite struck.”

Shortly after the FBI report came out Elon Musk tweeted a quote that he himself had originally stated back in 2005:

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