Republicans Deny Madison Cawthorn Was Invited To Sex & Drug Parties: ‘We’re All Too Old To Move His Body’

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy once again denied claims today from Madison Cawthorn that he was invited to sex and drug parties by fellow members of the Republican party.

McCarthy specifically told reporters that even if such parties existed, Cawthorn certainly wouldn’t have been invited to them.

“Although I have no idea what Mr. Cawthorn is talking about, I can say with confidence that we’re all too old to lift and move his body,” McCarthy stated. “No amount of cocaine could possibly help us to do that.”

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham confirmed McCarthy’s claim.

“He may be hot, but he’s far too hard to party and play with,” Graham stated. “Plus, as a disabled person, he’s a minority. So he doesn’t fit in.”

Minutes after Graham’s statement Cawthorn pushed back with more specifics.

“They’re all lying. Lindsey told me if I came I could do so much coke that I could walk again,” Cawthorn stated. “But he also said he’d make sure that I’d be ‘walking funny after the party’ – whatever that means.”

Photo credit Gage Skidmore.

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