Proud Boys Shocked Afro-Cuban Leader is Informant

Proud Boys Somehow Shocked Their Afro-Cuban Leader Named ‘Enrique Tarrio’ Is Likely To Be FBI Informant

Members of the white nationalist, neo-fascist, far-right political organization the Proud Boys say they feel “shocked and betrayed” after finding out that their non-white leader Enrique Tarrio is likely to be a an FBI informant and that he might have been working against them. What do you think?

“It’s pretty genius of the FBI to know that a group of ignorant racists inextricably bonded by their incredibly low self-esteem would pick the most self-loathing of the klan to lead: a brown white supremacist.” – Mary Callbrook, 43, aspiring professional wrestler
“Holy shit! Maybe these idiots are so blinded by hate that they aren’t lying when they say they don’t see race?” – Jeremy Braun, 32, hairstylist
“Well since they couldn’t admit that Donald Trump is quite clearly an unnatural shade of orange I can easily see how this could have happened.” – Ronald Rodriguez, 47, volunteer lifeguard

Photo Credit Mohammed Berrada

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