Papa John’s Delivery Driver Saves Woman’s Life

(Nashville, TN) A fast-thinking Papa John’s delivery driver noticed a strange order that was placed at her store and acted quickly to save a life. Rosa Stillwater, a 24-year-old Nashville native, who placed the order just yesterday, says she will be forever in the driver’s debt.

Everything began when delivery driver Jessica Sturns noticed that something was awry when she saw the additional comment on the delivery instructions which read:

“Help. So hungry. Haven’t had sustenance since my morning Starbucks run when I ordered a triple venti, sugar-free, non-fat, no-foam, extra caramel, with extra whip caramel macchiato. It had regular coffee poured down the side with 2 packs of raw sugar, and a stir stick on the side. Please hurry! #LiterallyDying.”

Noting the severity of the situation, Sturns pushed everyone in her Papa John’s location to get the pizza made and delivered as soon as possible.

“I knew that I – like – had to like – save Rosa. I mean, she was almost #LiterallyDead!” stated Sturns. “When that pizza came out of the oven, I cut it, boxed it, and put it in the pizza warming container thingy.”

Sturns then drove the 3 miles to Stillwater’s apartment, ignoring all traffic signs and lights. In the process, she caused 11 car accidents – leaving a toddler paralyzed, and 3 others dead.

“It was – like – all totally worth it,” said Sturns. “When I got to Rosa, she was – like – crying in the fetal position outside of her door and she was literally – like – halfway through her second box of Thin Mints. So I guess when you think about it, I – like – basically saved her life AND her waistline with this pizza!”

Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has made a public statement of praise for Sturns’ actions and has also waived any criminal charges against her. Papa John’s owner John H. Schnatter also applauded Sturn and awarded her with a raise from $7.25 an hour to $7.30 an hour – a nearly unheard of act within this pizza franchise.

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