Little Caesars’ All-New ‘MaxiPizza’ To Be Released For Women’s History Month

Little Caesars announced today that in honor of Women’s History Month the pizza chain will be selling the all-new ‘MaxiPizza’ – which is simply a maxi pad-shaped pizza topped with pepperoni.

Little Caesars CEO David Scrivano spoke briefly with reporters about the new addition.

“This was our first ever attempt at celebrating women’s history and truth be told it was tough coming up with an idea to honor our female customers because we have an all-male marketing team,” Scrivano laughed. “But I think we really nailed it here! We thought the girls always look so happy in those tampon commercials, but we already have breadsticks, so why not maxi pads!?”

Upon learning about the new menu item the National Organization for Women (NOW) put out a statement.

“You can’t just describe all women and their menstrual cycles with a thoughtlessly-designed period pizza,” part of the statement read. “What Little Caesars has done here is mock a beautiful aspect of what it means to be female. You can’t just paint with such broad brushstrokes; some women don’t even get their period.”

In response to NOW, Little Caesars issued an apology and promised that they will only sell the MaxiPizza to women who are actually on their period.

“We don’t want to pigeonhole anyone,” Scrivano stated. “In fact, I think we’re pretty much going to avoid anything involving holes from here on out.”

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