FOX News Embraces Jeb Bush as He Distances Self From Brother

FOX News Embraces Jeb Bush as He Distances Self From Brother

After announcing his bid for Presidency, Jeb Bush tried to distance himself from brother George W. Bush. When asked by a reporter if his family name and relation to former President George W. Bush would hinder his chances, Jeb tactfully deflected the question in true-leader-fashion by exclaiming, “Oh look! A butterfly!” while pointing slightly upward and to the left.

The interesting response left many on the right appreciating one of Mother Nature’s beautiful creations even more. Fox News hailed Jeb Bush’s response throughout their 24-hour news cycle on Tuesday and even included some short speeches and various poems dedicated to monarch, swallowtail, and other types of butterflies.

FOX & Friends Co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck took the liberty of writing her own butterfly haiku poem which she recited on the air during the morning television show. She read:

“Oh hi, butterfly.
How you flap and float in air.
How do you do that?”

Upon completing her poem that took “about 4 hours to write,” Hasselbeck stared, wide-eyed, directly into the camera and uttered, “No, really. How?” with a noticeably perplexed look on her face.Screen shot 2015-06-16 at 7.58.38 PM

Not to be outdone, popular pundit Sean Hannity took three solid minutes of airtime to read what he referred to as “one of (his) favorite butterfly poems” by Robert Frost, entitled ‘My Butterfly.’

Hannity recited:

“Thou didst not know, who tottered, wandering on high,
That fate had made thee for the pleasure of the wind,
With those great careless wings,
Nor yet did I.”

Pausing to gather his emotions, Hannity wiped a tear from his eye – all whilst his robust lips were a-quiver – and then continued on.

“And there were other things:
It seemed… it seemed Gawh… Gah…” Hannity unabashedly wept for a brief minute and a half, then began again.

“It seemed God let thee flutter from his gentle clasp:
Then fearful He had let thee win
Too far beyond Him to be gathered in,
Santched thee, o’ereager, with ungentle gasp.”

Yet another highlight of the day was when Bill O’Reilly invited former FOX News star Glenn Beck on to the show to share his own butterfly story.

Beck stated:

“My Grandmother always used to say, ‘Do not eat the poor butterfly.’ That made us laugh. And then I’d go perch on Grandmother’s lap.”

The O’Reilly segment, which was slated to run for 15 minutes, resulted in over fourteen minutes of awkwardly-forced butterfly conversation.

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