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FL Court Says 16-Year-Old ‘Too Immature’ To Have Abortion, But Old Enough To Date Matt Gaetz

A 16-Year-Old who is in the care of Florida child welfare authorities has been told that she “lacks the maturity” to have an abortion, but that she is “old enough” to date US House representative Matt Gaetz.

The ruling was handed down by Gaetz-backed Pensacola Judge Jennifer Frydrychowicz.

“Although I barely trust a 16-year-old to drive next to me, I most certainly think that they are old enough to have and raise a child,” Frydrychowicz stated. “What’s more, it is in this court’s opinion that every pregnant or non-pregnant girl that is 16 is old enough to date Matt Gaetz.”

When reached for comments, Gaetz was very direct.

“I’d love to help her out and really touch her life in a special way, but she’s already pregnant,” Gaetz stated. “That adds at least 2 years to a woman’s age, and vastly surpasses my Venmo budget, so that’s a no-go from me. Maybe if she was 15.”

Photo credit Gage Skidmore

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