China Gives Olympic Athletes Condoms & Tells Them To Avoid Physical Contact Such As ‘Hugs, High-Fives & Handshakes’

The Beijing Winter Olympics is set to run under very strict social distancing rules in order to stop the games from becoming a super-spreader event. Because of this, athletes are being told to avoid hugging, high-fives, and handshakes at all times while maintaining a distance of at least two meters. The athletes have also been provided with five individually wrapped commemorative condoms in their rooms. Here’s what people are saying:

“What? It’s a simple reminder to the athletes to please socially distance when engaging in sexual activity.” – Mary Wexler, 49, sex education teacher
“This won’t work. Like most people, I cannot have sex without high-fiving before, during, and afterward.” – Richard Simmons
“On a similar note. Mother always has me wear a condom during any hugs that I participate in.” – Mike Pence
“It makes sense to limit the spread. I mean, I hug way more kids than I have sex with.” – Father Gerard Winslow

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