Aliens Locked Up in Area 51 Are Planning to Storm Nevada, Take Over Rest of the World

A Facebook group called ‘Aliens of Area 51’ is planning to storm through containment and overtake the state of Nevada. The group’s page, which has over 350,000 followers, says the extraterrestrial creatures intend to take over the country – and eventually – the rest of the world.

Authorities believe that the naive aliens do not realize how many guns Americans have, especially in the South.

“These little green guys don’t stand a chance,” Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak stated. “Us Nevadans don’t take too kindly to… let’s say… off-white beings. Once they cross that fence they’re going to get lit up like the 4th of July!”

Update: We want to reinforce that this article is about extraterrestrial beings from outer space, not the human immigrants that are currently locked in cages in the United States.

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