Aging Joe Exotic To Be Put Down & Buried Behind Jail To Make Room For Younger, Healthier Inmates

Jailed business man and entertainer Joe Exotic of “Tiger King” fame is set to be executed and buried behind the jail he has been incarcerated in next week. The decision to kill him was issued by a federal judge during a hearing in which Joe Exotic was asking to be freed from jail. Rather than grant him his request, the judge resentenced him to death, citing overcrowding in jails and the fact that Joe is “going to die soon anyway.”

Exotic supporters strongly disagree with the decision.

“Joe wasn’t being treated humanely in the first place. He is being kept in a very small enclosure – far too small for a human – and rumor has it he’s being fed expired food,” one supporter claimed. “Just because Mr. Exotic is older and less appealing than he used to be doesn’t mean you get to put a bullet in his head, dig a hole out back, and toss him in all because you want to replace him with younger, healthier, and more profitable prisoners.”

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