A Furious Don Jr. Showed Up At Marco Rubio’s House After Biden Refused To Give Him A Free Crack Pipe

A fuming mad Donald Trump Jr. showed up unannounced at Marco Rubio’s West Miami house late Wednesday night after he figured out that the Florida senator had lied when he said Biden was giving out free meth and crack pipes.

After an hour of repeatedly banging on Rubio’s door and doing multiple lines of coke, a visibly intoxicated Don Jr. spoke openly with Rubio’s neighbors who had come to the scene out of concern.

“Look. Rubio said Biden was going to give me all the tools I need to get high. But that was a God damned lie!” Don Jr. slurred while frantically rubbing a white powder on his gums.

“In fact, Biden is only providing funding that supports overdose prevention programs and harm reduction services in a legal manner that helps people avoid diseases and stop using drugs,” a glassy-eyed Don Jr. said while motioning toward Rubio’s house. “So this is fucking bullshit! I mean, what the hell man!? It’s like, the opposite of what I was looking for today.”

When reached for comment Marco Rubio mocked Don Jr.

“That idiot is on drugs 24/7,” Rubio laughed. “I could give two shits about an addict.”

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