Richard Dawkins Apologizes for “Hostility” Toward Christians

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In a recent interview, atheist and scientist Richard Dawkins gave an apology to Christians for mocking their beliefs. During the interview, he admitted that he had no way to prove that they were wrong.

This surprising move by Dawkins was nothing short of shocking as he has repeatedly made fun of those with religious beliefs for years. In the interview, Dawkins reportedly stated the following:

“I certainly have disproved this concept that the bible was written by a loving, caring, all-knowing deity; however, I cannot definitively state there isn’t an existing God that is inherently a total cunt.” Dawkins continued, “If there is a God, then I suppose we could describe them as being exactly what the bible states, wherein ‘the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.'”

Dawkins went on to say that he was going to study the phenomenon of what is frequently called “God’s plan.”

“I’m going to study this to see if we can find why the deity is such an asshole. Perhaps we can find a way to convince him to be a better God so that so much tragedy doesn’t happen. I mean… why isn’t he embarrassed yet when our only answer for a completely awful happenstance is ‘Well, it was God’s plan…'”

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