Judge In Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Gets FBI Escort To & From Nursing Home Every Day

Sources have confirmed that Justice Bruce Schroeder, who is inattentively presiding over the Kyle Rittenhouse homicide trial, is currently residing in Parkside Manor Assisted Living in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Justice Schroeder has been getting FBI escorts to and from the nursing home since a few days before the trial started. Previously the elderly justice would ride to work in a volunteer transportation service van for seniors that picks residents up at the home.

Reports also state that the justice is being treated for early onset dementia, and that this is why things as simple as a magnifying glass or the pinch and zoom function of an iPad mesmerize him. It is also why he announced to the entire courtroom that he had forgotten what day it was and why he told everyone that he hopes his Asian food isn’t stuck on a cargo ship in the harbor.

More as this story develops.

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