Biden Down To Final Coin Flip To Determine Who He’ll Nominate To The Supreme Court

White House press secretary Jen Psaki accidentally told reporters today that President Joe Biden was selecting his nominee for Supreme Court justice by flipping a coin.

“Mr. Biden will have a pick shortly. There’s just one more coin flip to go,” Psaki told a stunned room of reporters before trying to backtrack.

“Look, the president is not simply flipping a coin for picking the next person who will have lifetime tenure on the court,” a flustered Psaki stated. “What we did was make a tournament bracket like you would for March Madness and then we flipped a coin to determine each matchup’s winner.”

Psaki added that the administration was referring to the approach as “affirmative inaction” due to the fact that they “only picked black female candidates, but then left everything to chance.”

Psaki admitted that the coin flip wasn’t the only unconventional method the White House had tried.

“We initially attempted putting potential nominee’s pictures on a wall, blindfolding Mr. Biden, and then having him throw darts – but after two days of dedicating all of his time to this, the president still hadn’t hit a thing.”

Before ending the press conference Psaki told reporters that the Super Bowl coin toss will determine Biden’s final pick.

“Heads is for one candidate. Tails, is for the other.”

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  1. It’s so much easier being a Republican President. Just randomly pick someone from the list that the Federalist Society gives you.

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