Social media government watch list started under trump

Breaking: New Trump Rules on Social Media Could Land You on a Government Watch List

With an early version of the president’s latest executive order having been shown to the press, reporters are now saying that Donald Trump plans to create “government watch lists” based on how users interact and behave on social media. Trump says the government will also be the judge of whether or not a social media platform has engaged in unfair or deceptive censorship and will be providing a way for users to submit complaints to the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. What do you think?

“Seems counterproductive. How will the president have time for golf if he’s busy submitting complaints?” – Roland Swanson, Volunteer Lifeguard
“Why not just incorporate a social points system and Black Mirror this shit already?” – Austin Grimes, Amazon Warehouse Worker
“It makes sense that it would come to this since we all act like whiny, petulant children online.” – Claudette Petersen, Stay-at-Home Agoraphobe
“All hail Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump!” – Darryl Tomlinson, Blind Trump Supporter

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