App Lets Eco-Conscious Users Buy Leftovers Instead Of Just Giving Food To The Homeless

The anti-food waste company Too Good To Go sells food that’s left over, or won’t be sold, through their app. The food, which comes from restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores, is delivered as a surprise grab bag of food that ranges from $4.99 to $5.99. Too Good To Go says each bag has a value of around $18. Here’s what people are saying:

“So they spent countless hours and dollars creating this company and app instead of putting in effort to change laws so we can use the food to feed the homeless? Got it.” – Nate Silverstone, 33, unemployed entrepreneur
“Good, I was getting tired of shooing the homeless away from my dumpsters.” Shawna Lawson, 44, strip club owner
“$4.99!? Damn that’s cheap. All of the homeless can order from their smartphones and have it delivered to their address… oh wait.” – Zachary Shultz, 41, unscheduled volunteer lifeguard
“Just when the socialists thought they could possibly end homeless hunger in our cities, capitalism swoops in to save the day! I love America.” – Father Lester Sullivan, 63, Catholic priest

Photo credit Dale Cruse

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