Trump Poops His Pants at Tulsa Rally

President Trump accidentally voided his bowels during a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma today.

The violent episode of explosive diarrhea occurred during a part of his speech about loyalty to the country in which Trump also spoke out against Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley.

“You’ve got these brown foreigners from my shithole… these shithole countries trying to invade… trying to invade my…” a wide-eyed Trump paused. “My pants!”

Trump then cut his speech short and shuffled sideways offstage.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany denied that President Trump had drained his swamp on stage, stating “If you’re wearing a diaper, and you’re wearing it correctly – which today he was – then the fecal matter technically does not touch the pants, and therefore, one could not say that the president shit his pants.”

Photo Credit Matt Johnson

14 thoughts on “Trump Poops His Pants at Tulsa Rally

  1. You Libtards are getting TRIGGETED,because according to secret service,BIDEN IS SHITTING HIS PANTS 3X A DAY!! BIDEN even shut himself in front of he POPE! Ducking Libtards. Always projecting their GUILT onto others, to cover their hurt little feelings.

  2. the only problem is he was the best preident we ever had ding dong

  3. just when you thought this country couldn’t outdo Barry Soetoro, out comes this arse hole butt plug DJT.

  4. Diaper don needs to take off his poopy diaper, put on his big boy pants, get a grip and suck it up buttercup. The lying shithole fascist!

  5. Trump is a big fat orange turd that continually shits himself day in and day out. Every time he swings his little golf clubs he’s shooting out Big Mac’s from his tank ass.

    1. This item matches up with the VIDEO of Trump leaving the golf course with a brown stain. A still shot from the same incident has been labeled as false.

      Don’t believe me. Access the video through any service you want.

      1. Yes trump is a drug addict , pedophile and it’s just his pants. That’s what happens when you abuse drugs. Stop covering for this asshole he’s a piece of shit he is destroyed our country and he needs to just go away and leave country alone. He is killed so many Americans he doesn’t deserve any type of praise he is a shit stain!

      2. I don’t believe you you’re just one of those Trumptards, that’s a follower. You’re a sheep. You can’t think for yourself. You’re one of these broke rednecks out in the country. Shut the fuck up

  6. Trump would get in these moods on ‘Apprentice’ he’d start throwing a tantrum and Vanky would ask Keith Schiller to ‘tend to his needs please’ this meant a Depends change and more Adderall, sometimes w/ a Benzo chaser. Bet you see him slurring later today.

  7. Donald Trump actually DOES EXCRETE AND PEE INTO HIS BRIGHT WHITE, BLEACHED WHITE (WHITE SUPREMACIST SANCTIONED and OFFICIALLY APPROVED) DIAPERS……the reason that his FASCIST BITCH WIFE Melatonin will not hold his hand in public is due to the fact that he wipes his orange asshole with his RIGHT (WING) HAND and licks it clean as a FASCIST WHISTLE (still laden with E-Coli though with damn fucking JEW Bacteria – this is NO HOAX, but COVID IS, PUH-RAISE PUH-RAISE JAY-SUZZZZ-ZUZZZZZ))……good for you Donald – EAT YOUR SHIT like we have had to for nearly four years now…..WE Trumptards are drooling with expectation for the next time YOU UNLOAD a great big ORANGE-FLAVORED fascist dump into your panties….BUT WE, THE IMBECILIC APE-BRAINED TRUMPTARD CREAM of AMERICA who love and adore you will NEVER UNLOAD OUR GUNS for you Fascist TRUMPTARD ONE!!!!

    1. Language is a little over the top but Mr. Trump is beyond any top in failure as a civilized person. His an extreme failure in business and society. Long term America will rue the day he was ever elected !

  8. he’ll be putting his finger up his aresehole next !!

  9. Breaking News! Goya Supporters Everywhere Are Having MAGA/GOYA Diaper Filling Parties. AP. Newswire_Goya/diaper/support/DJT. Goya supporters have come up with a novel way to show support for the embattled CEO after comments he supports Trump. Apparently they are buying large amounts of Goya products, having parties where they gorge on it while taking overdoses of ExLax. They then ‘DonTheDepends’ as the newly minted phrase is chanted. Within less than an hours all of the diaper wearing supporters have filled the diapers with their supportive meal. After another hour of watching Fox News, congratulating each other on Trump support and bashing BLM, the diaper wearing heros get in their cars and try to find democrat owned businesses to throw their diaper at. Earlier in the week 4 supporters were arrested for biohazard endangerment charges after security video showed them mistakenly throwing their Goya filled diapers at the christain store ‘Planning for Parenthood’, mistaking it for the womens health and community resource namesale ‘Planned Parenthood’. Because of COVID-19 the 4 were charged and released at the scene on a promise bond. Finger printing was not done due to. Well.

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