oprah winfrey party celebrating less white people

Oprah Throws Party To Celebrate 2020 census Showing Decline In White Population

The 2020 US Census came out today and it shows a decline in the white population for the first time since 1790.

In response to the census news, Oprah Winfrey is reportedly celebrating with a huge party.

Notably, Oprah had previously stated that an entire generation of racist (white) people who were “born and bred and marinated” in racism would never change their ways and that they need to die out.

When asked how she felt about the news, Oprah steepled her fingers and grinned before stating “I feel very good, very good indeed! It’s all going according to plan!”

The mega celebrity then swiftly turned and walked away while maniacally cackling at the sky.

Photo credit Alan Light

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