NFL Announces 'Hall of Fam' for Donovan McNabb, Other Slightly Above Average Players

NFL Announces ‘Hall of Fam’ Nomination for Donovan McNabb, Other Slightly Above Average Players

The NFL Hall of Fame has announced the establishment of the new ‘Hall of Fam’ – a brand new organization and facility that will recognize retired NFL players who were slightly above average.

“The Hall of Fam is like the silver medal for personal achievement. It’s meant for the guys that are a tad better than just okay,” a Selection Committee press release stated. “You know, the players who almost made it. They’re still good, but certainly not Hall of Fame material.”

The committee also announced in the same release that Donovan McNabb would be the first inductee. 

“Sure he was good enough to make the Eagles Hall of Fame, but now that he’s complained enough, he’ll become the first whiney little bitch inducted into the Hall of Fam,” the press release concluded.

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